Registration policies.

Only fully registered members age 18+ are allowed to use Beacon Climbing Centre unsupervised. We offer different levels of registration based on age and previous climbing experience. You can speed up the process by completing your registration from the comfort of your sofa by following the appropriate link below. Alternatively, simply complete the registration when you visit Beacon.

By climbing at Beacon Climbing Centre you are acknowledging The Association of British Climbing Walls’ (ABC) participation statement:

 “All climbing activities have a risk of serious injury. Participants must recognise that even if they follow all good practice there may still be the risk of accident and injury. It is the responsibility of the participant to adhere to the conditions of use.”


Experienced climbers age 18+ must register before using the bouldering or roped climbing walls. Registration is free and involves reading our conditions of use and completing a registration form declaring your basic competence and a willingness to accept responsibility for yourself and anyone you are supervising (see special conditions below). You will be issued with a Beacon membership card with a unique barcode, which you need to produce on all future visits.



Available to climbers age 18+ with previous bouldering experience who wish to use the bouldering areas only. Registration is free and involves reading our conditions of use and completing a registration form declaring that you have read and accepted the bouldering conditions of use and understand the risks associated with this style of climbing. Bouldering only members are not permitted to use any of the roped climbing areas.



Beacon encourages young climbers to use the climbing wall, yet takes this responsibility very seriously. The basis of the under 18 policy at Beacon Climbing Centre is that all under 18s are regarded as minors and should be supervised in the Centre by an appropriate adult climber, as follows:

  • A registered adult climber can supervise a maximum of two people.
  • Under 18s can also be part of a group supervised by a suitably qualified person (minimum CWA/SPA qualified) or on an instructed session run by Beacon Climbing Centre.

  • In line with nationally recognised guidelines, there is a scheme at Beacon whereby very experienced 16-17 year olds can undertake an assessment at our discretion, and with the written consent of their parents or guardians. If successful in the assessment, the applicant can use Beacon in the same way as an adult climber, with the exception that they cannot supervise any novices or other under 18s.

Signing in

Experienced climbers often like to introduce friends to climbing via the climbing wall, which we accept, but we also recognise that there are inherent risks. We therefore have a clear policy to minimise these risks:

  • Registered adult climbers may sign in no more than two guests, who may be novices or under 18s

  • By signing in a guest, you are accepting responsibility for the full and constant supervision of your guest(s) while on the premises. We specifically warn that if you wish to teach a novice to belay you ensure that it is done in a way that is appropriate and puts no other wall users at risk. For anyone wanting to learn to belay we recommend our LEARN TO CLIMB COURSE.

  • The novice sign-in form details what we expect from members signing in guests, so it is important that you read it and ensure you understand your responsibilities. If you are in any doubt, please ask a member of staff for advice.

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