Progression Coaching at Beacon

Been climbing for a while and looking to progress beyond your current level? You’re on the right page. Improving at climbing isn’t just about strength and body conditioning; it’s also about learning new skills and techniques so that you can use your body more efficiently. Our progression options will help you get the most out of your climbing and will help you to access climbs and areas at Beacon that have previously been unattainable too. Hoorah for that.

I want to improve… what are the options?


  • Suitable for climbers age 18+.

  • Initial consultation £45 per person 1:1.*

  • Initial consultation £35 per person 1:2.*

  • Follow up sessions (90 minutes) £30.*

*You will also need to pay the standard DAY PASS fee unless you hold a 5 or 10 entry pass or unlimited membership. Climbers with 5 or 10 entry passes will have a single entry removed from their pass. Climbers with unlimited membership can attend for the prices listed here – no further entry fee is payable.

Suitable for Beacon registered members aged 18+, our private coaching sessions provide personalised tuition for beginner+ to advanced climbers and can be booked as one-off sessions or as part of a regular programme.

You’ll discuss how you want to improve and/or what you want to achieve with your coach who will then work with you to identify and improve any areas of weakness. You’ll be given feedback based on analysis of your climbing, alongside tips, advice and exercises that will give you a clearer understanding of what you need to work on and how you can achieve your goals.

Tuition is personalised and based on individual requirements, whether general improvement, physical, psychological, or technique based.

Meet our coaches

Mark Dicken

  • Qualified development coach since 2015.

  • 36 years of climbing experience.

  • 20 years of climbing instruction experience.

Passionate seeker of unclimbed adventurous rocks since the 90’s with a bunch of new routes and boulders from Cornwall to the Llyn, The E5’s are behind me now, with most of my focus being on off-piste bouldering in the wilds of Wales, including a few contenders for The hardest Welsh offwidth crack boulder (another ”specialist”  passion).

Specialises in coaching climbing movement, unlocking the puzzles of route reading and refining technique.


*from £35/ person
  • Minimum age 18
  • 90 minute initial consultation

Jacob Baldwin

  • Recently qualified development coach.

  • Previous experience coaching gymnastics and various other strength and power sports involving intensive training.

Dedicated boulderer and avid route climber; Heavily invested in advancing personal climbing capability, both outdoor and indoor, to elite levels. Fascinated by dynamic movement and the variations thereof, as well as unlocking ‘beta-tweaks’ for different shapes and sizes of climbers.

Specialises in co-ordinated powerful movement, alongside tactics and training on steep gradients. 


*from £35/ person
  • Minimum age 18
  • 90 minute initial consultation


Read what our customers are writing about us!

Progression Coaching has helped me a great deal with my climbing, technique-wise, movement-wise and with my anxiety about falling, to the point where I feel more confident and happier with my climbing. The falling practice has helped me massively with controlling the anxiety I would sometimes feel, which I felt was stopping my leading progression. I feel that I have improved with my bouldering too – even if I do only use it to warm up and practice before lead climbing – and I enjoy bouldering more now than I did before the course.  All in all, money well spent and I would recommend the course to anyone who asks!

I’m just getting back into climbing, so the Progression Coaching course was perfect timing, especially because I didn’t want to form bad habits that would be harder to correct in the future. The course provided me with a lot of information that I can continue to use to improve and progress my climbing. Thanks for being so positive and encouraging. It’s done my confidence a lot of good, as well as improving my climbing technique!

Surprisingly, the most significant thing I learnt on the course wasn’t really about climbing. It was that I had significant muscle imbalances (weak back muscles). Since being made aware of this, and undertaking the suggested exercises, my shoulder injury has almost completely gone; my posture is now far better, and after doing further research on the subject, I’m aware that I’m far less likely to injury my shoulders and elbows in the future. This knowledge has had a huge impact not just on my climbing but also on my day-to-day life. Before the course, I was completely ignorant of this. This knowledge in isolation would have more than justified doing the course. Many thanks! The course was enjoyable, hugely beneficial and extremely rewarding.