26 March. Boost your Mum’s super powers this Mother’s Day.

She’s wise, she’s cheerful, she’s resourceful, she’s dynamic. She’s SUPER MUM! Top-up her extraordinary super powers thi [...]

Winter Boulder Series 2016: Final scores & Prize giving.

FINAL SCORES HERE Prize giving will be held on Thursday 30th March at 7:00pm alongside our DJ evening with James William [...]

Squadra climbing holds: now available on a climb near you!

Been bouldering at Beacon recently? You may have noticed some brand new Squadra Pure Holds artistically positioned arou [...]

2017 BMC Youth Climbing Series. Dates, venues & information.

The BMC Youth Climbing Series offers fun climbing competitions for young people. The series is extremely popular and att [...]

Get started at Beacon… with 1 month of free climbing.

Looking for a new sport or fitness routine to keep in shape for 2017? We love climbing. And we want you to love it too. [...]

16 March. La Sportiva Climb-in-Gym Tour arrives at Beacon.

What is it? Climb-in-Gym Tour 2017 is the new European Test & Feel Tour organized by Italian climbing shoe supremo [...]

04 March. A multi-discipline climbing event inspired by the Olympics.

VIEW THE RESULTS HERE Faster. Higher. Stronger. Our first ever multi-discipline climbing event arrives at Beacon Climbi [...]

03-05 March. 2017 Llanberis Adventure & Mountain Film Festival.

A three-day feast of speakers, filmmakers, outdoor professionals and bespoke events, the Llanberis Adventure & Mount [...]

20 February. Thinking about looking for outdoor industry work?

Coming up - an opportunity to get involved with climbing and to find out about MOUNTAIN TRAINING. Mountain Training is t [...]

New holds & timer installed on our Speed Climbing route.

We’ve been busy during the last few weeks and our speed route has had a complete overhaul with the addition of brand new [...]

11 February. Pete Whittaker Lecture Tour: El Capitan solo.

In November 2016, Pete Whittaker became the first person in the history of Yosemite climbing to make a 1 DAY 'ALL FREE' [...]

07 February. Banff Mountain Film Festival 2017.

The world’s most prestigious mountain film festival is coming to Llandudno with a brand new selection of extraordinary s [...]

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