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Acupuncture at Beacon Climbing Centre, Caernarfon, North Wales

Acupuncture at Beacon Climbing Centre.


Dry needling to treat a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries and related conditions. This therapy can be used to complement other treatments that you may be receiving such as sports therapy, or implemented as a standalone therapy. The benefits include minimal discomfort as it is minimally invasive, and it is usually a very quick and simple procedure.

Auriculotherapy and Battlefield Acupuncture (BFA) for rapid relief from long standing or short term pain including general aches, musculoskeletal injuries, arthritis, rheumatism, backache, headaches and more. The treatment can be used as an adjunt or standalone therapy and provides an option for those who are less inclined towards a full-body needling therapy.

Climbers can benefit from a tailored plan to manage/prevent injury and return to play. Arran can review treatments and look at what works for you and what has failed in the past. This give you options and leaves you better informed in the future. Getting the right treatment requires a whole body-healing system which involves good communication between you and your therapist to promote natural healing mechanisms within your body.

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Dry needling is a relatively new modality targeted at desensitising muscle trigger points and/or pain utilizing a “dry” needling technique by insertion into the skin and trigger points. It can elicit a local twitch response causing a hyperirritable taut band of muscle tissue with trigger points to contract and simultaneously release. Many studies have established its effectiveness based on scientific research.

Inserting needles can also increase blood flow and speed up the body’s natural healing mechanism by inducing a micro-trauma. It is not untypical to have a reduction in muscular pain by 50% or more in one to two treatments.

It is an easy way to work on superficial and deep muscle tissue to get straight to the target, and is a rapid process, low risk, minimally invasive, cost-effective, and well-tolerated in specific areas and muscular groups on the human body. As climbers, we are pushing our bodies to the limit and this can easily result in tightness and tender trigger points that can be easily treated by dry needling.

It is important to note that as with any standalone therapy, dry needling does not permanently resolve all trigger point issues. The cause may be due to muscular imbalance, asymmetry, poor posture, and any other intrinsic or extrinsic factors. Consequently, a well thought out treatment plan in conjunction with other modalities must be considered for long-term relief from pain and to maximize muscular-skeletal function.

Dry needling is used primarily for releasing/inactivating myofascial trigger points which are causing pain. It is commonly used for tension and trigger points linked to many conditions such as back pain, shoulder pain, arm and forearm pain, wrist pain, knee pain, ankle pain, chest pain, limited range of movement, altered gait, headaches, digestive conditions and more.

Examples of linked common conditions include:
Piriformis syndrome
Plantar fasciitis
Achilles tendon strain
Shin splints such as compartment syndrome
Patella mal tracking
Snapping hip associated with a tight IT band
Lateral and medial epicondylitis
Carpal tunnel

Acupuncture and acupressure are ancient practices which boast a rich history recorded over two millennia and aim to provide rapid pain relief.

Modern auriculotherapy is a relatively new modality rooted in neuroscience dating back to around 60+years, and works on the principal that the human nervous system is reflected in a microsystem mapped on the ears. As a testament to the effectiveness of this treatment, the US military used battlefield acupuncture during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. It was used extensively as the administering of morphine often carried a higher risk of fatality than the wounds. It also meant soldiers could still be armed as they were not suffering from the hallucinatory effects of the drug, and helped with insomnia and post-trauma. Nearly 20 years on, it is still used extensively by the US military and several other NATO countries.

This therapy uses a physical-pathway by stimulating areas on the ear when pain or a functional disorder is affecting the body. Any symptoms or pain should always be assessed and diagnosed by a qualified medical provider. However, pain management protocols can be used in the meantime while waiting for an appointment with a medical professional and battlefield acupuncture and auriculotherapy are excellent adjunct therapy options which work well in conjunction with other treatments. There is a needleless option available if preferred.

Basic pain protocol
Addiction management
Asthma protocol
Blood pressure protocol
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Dental pain protocol
Diabetes protocol
Fertility and genitourinary protocol
Gastrointestinal and IBS Protocol
Migraine protocol
Post-traumatic stress protocol
Sinus and allergy protocol
Post stroke protocol
Tinnitus protocol
Weight management protocol

Dry needling like acupuncture is considered low risk. In pregnant women, particularly in the first trimester, it is NOT advisable

The needles are sterile single-use and disposable, and the practitioner follows strict hand washing protocols to prevent any infection. The client’s skin is also examined to ensure it is clean before treatment.

Battlefield acupuncture needles are considered safe and are semi-permanent but are removable at any time. They are sterile, and blister packed in small sheets.

Initially your full medical history will be taken, including any medication you are receiving and any allergies/contraindications. You will then receive an explanation of the chosen treatment and what is involved. This includes pre-treatment advice such as if dry needling is suitable, possible side effects, and aftercare advice.

The first session can take up to an hour and a quarter, including treatment, if time permits and if deemed appropriate. Follow up treatments typically take 45 mins depending on the complexity of the treatment (auriculotherapy can take 15 mins).

With dry needling, a towel is provided for modesty if required and depending on the area, you may be asked to wear shorts or underwear. Dry needling practitioners use palpation, visual examination, and patient feedback to help locate active trigger points. Sometimes the trigger point may be latent with no irritability until located. Generally, a tight band of tissue is felt called a knot that can sometimes be seen using a postural analysis.

Generally, you will not feel the insertion of the needle. The local twitch response elicits a deep aching feeling and cramping sensation. You may experience some soreness and a sensation such as an electrical impulse, numbness or dull ache. These are all considered normal responses and are a good sign. Some clients also experience relaxation during the session. You may feel fatigued post-treatment, lightheaded, and experience a temporary return of symptoms. If fatigued, caution when driving long distances is pertinent.

A superficial needling technique is the favored option in clients who tend to cramp up or stiffen up easily when inducing local twitch response. This method aims at alleviating the trigger point sensitivity in shorter intervals.

With battlefield acupuncture and auriculotherapy, a needleless option is availalbe if preferred using a Stimplus Pro or other related device. The battlefield acupuncture needles are semi-permanent but are removable at any time as advised. Battlefield acupuncture needles are a wider bore than traditional acupuncture needles and offer greater stimulation. Typically, the needles are gold plated, steel (classic) or titanium. Titanium is thought safe to use in an MRI scan, but a request may be made to remove them.

A parent or guardian must be present, and consent from both the parent/guardian and child is required.

Get relief for injuries & long-standing or short term pain.

About Arran.

Arran is currently in his final year of a BSc university course studying the specialist field of acupuncture in a training clinic. He has accumulated many hours of training in a professionally supervised clinic, dealing with many complex conditions and writing case studies on some of his clients.

Arran became interested in acupuncture and the functions of the human body both mechanically and organically after years of training in multiple martial arts disciplines. He is also well versed in Qigong and various meditative techniques, and is also a regular climber at Beacon Climbing Centre.


  • Appointments available every Saturday or Sunday.

  • Initial assessment £35 (limited time offer) including treatment if deemed appropriate and time dependent.

  • Follow up treatment £25 (limited time offer).
Phone: 07552975060


Still unsure? Read what Arran’s clients are writing about him!

I have been having Acupuncture for head, neck and shoulders with Arran. I have only had three sessions but I have felt some improvement and shall be continuing with the course of excellent treatment and I would recommend Arran to anyone who is suffering pain.

Arran has the hands of God and he has helped me where no doctor has done! I have severe Emphysema and feel the difference, thank you Arran. I will continue seeing you and I have great hope that things can change where I had lost hope.