• Winter Boulder Series 2016

Winter Boulder Series 2016: Final scores & Prize giving.


Prize giving will be held on Thursday 30th March at 7:00pm alongside our DJ evening with James Williams (Gaenz) and Chris Bennett (Fixd) on the decks.

The Beacon Winter Boulder Series is an informal aggregate style competition open to climbers of all ages and abilities. Running from November to March, the Series includes 4 rounds of 45 problems per round. Of the 4 rounds, your best 3 scores will be counted to create your overall series score.

The Series includes problems of every grade and taking part is an awesome way to provide structure for your winter climbing sessions as you try to complete as many of the aggregate problems as you can. Get involved!

Series dates.

Start Finish
Round 1 04 November 02 December
Round 2 09 December 06 January
Round 3 13 January 10 February
Round 4 17 February 17 March

How does it work?

Enter by purchasing your scorecard from reception for £2.00 (all proceeds donated to the North Wales Bolt Fund). Each problem included as part of the Winter Boulder Series is given a number, displayed next to the starting holds. If you successfully climb a problem, place a tick on your score card next to the relevant number, revel in your glory for a moment, then go and try another problem!

Each round features 45 problems covering all grades and you have until the end of each round to complete as many of the problems as possible, with no limits to the number of attempts for each problem. Each problem is worth 1 point, with a maximum possible score of 45 points per round.

Your scorecard for each round must be submitted to reception by the end of each round, otherwise your points will not get recorded! Of the 4 rounds, your best 3 scores will be counted to create your overall series score and the climbers with the highest series scores in each of the gender/age categories will be awarded an awesome prize courtesy of our sponsors.

Age categories.

 Age < 11 Junior Male Junior Female
Age 11-15 Youth Male Youth Female
Age 16-44 Male Female
Age 45+ Male Vet Female Vet

Supported by.

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