2020! Aaargh!

It’s been a tough year for everyone, whether they had to stay at home on furlough, had to live on reduced pay, juggle childcare and home education, lost their job or even got sick. Some people had to work harder than ever in stressful situations. Many small businesses have also had a very hard time of it, trying to juggle cash flow, bookings, weird payroll maths, regulations, legislation, extra expenditure to cope with additional hygiene, massive loss of business, and the ubiquitous mask wearing.

Well Beacon is still here and preparing for the next lockdown from Friday 23rd October at 6pm. But let’s not get too despondent about it – we have the bouldering series and lead aggregate up and running, and after hibernation they will still be there!

So, you may already have done a few of the routes that will appear on the lead aggregate, but now you’ll have the chance to tick them too, and of course re-climb them as many times as you like and get working on the harder ones. Lovely new routes have been set this week. With the certainty that you can’t come climbing from Saturday 24th October until we reopen on Monday 9th November at the earliest, you may want to get started on the aggregate asap – keep your fitness up! Lead Aggregate sheets cost £2 and will run as usual through till spring, and bouldering series sheets cost only 50p per monthly-ish sheet.

The café is obviously open right up to closing with coffee, cakes and light meals, and we would love to see you there whether you’ve come to climb or not. The café has its own check-in (track and trace), so please remember to sign and sanitise when you arrive. If you’ve been climbing beforehand, remember to check yourself out of climbing via reception or the scanner as soon as you’ve finished so the widget keeps working.

Some of you have bought season passes. We will automatically freeze these from Saturday 24th October and reinstate them the day we reopen, which we currently believe to be 9th November. If you would like us not to suspend your season ticket (remember you can’t climb in Beacon when we’re closed), please let us know and we will let it run through lockdown 😊

Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Acupuncture at Beacon will still be available throughout lockdown. Please check the Health section on our website to book:

Nio Acupuncture
Belinda Rae Osteopathy
Eryri Physiotherapy

Pilates lessons will continue on Zoom: Eirobics Pilates
Check out the Nalini Yoga page too.

After lockdown, Sports Massage Therapy will also be available – more on this later.

Please pass on this information to anyone you feel may not yet receive this bulletin, and encourage them to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook. This is how we will continue to put out essential and possibly quickly changing information.

Thank you everyone for sticking to the rules – wearing your mask when required, keeping your distance, washing your hands, making sure you check yourself OUT of climbing when you’ve finished. You’ve all done a brilliant job!

See you later, and lots of virtual hugs from the Beacon staff xx