New for summer 2019… our first ever Summer Bouldering League, featuring 4 rounds of 30 problems and 6 months unlimited climbing passes for the winners. Additionally, anyone taking part can win a prize… after each round we’ll be having a scorecard raffle with 2x 1 month unlimited climbing passes up for grabs!

Each of the 4 rounds will last for just under 4 weeks and will include 30 boulders, with each boulder included in the League identified by a number displayed next to the starting holds. Scorecards will be available from reception for £2 per round, at the start of each round.

The format is simple. Each boulder is worth 1 point and you can have as many tries as you like on each one during the 4 week period. A successful ascent means climbing a boulder from the starting holds to successfully matching the finishing hold. For each boulder that you succeed on, place a tick on your scorecard next to the relevant number to record your ascent, then go and try another!

Your best 3 scores from the 4 rounds will create your overall score and the climbers in each of the 4 categories with the highest overall score will each win a 6 months unlimited climbing voucher.

Round dates.

RoundStart dateFinish date
#1May 16thJune 10th
#2June 13thJuly 8th
#3July 11thAugust 5th
#4August 8thSeptember 2nd

All scorecards must be returned to reception at the end of each round to get counted.

Age categories.

Age < 16Youth MaleYouth Female
Age 16+MaleFemale