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Sport and Remedial Massage at Beacon Climbing Centre

Sports Massage Therapy

The hectic pace of modern life often means we are guilty of not taking the time to look after ourselves, be that physically or mentally. RockSolid promotes ‘prehab’ and works with you to best facilitate your needs. Massage is a complimentary hands-on therapy that is a mindful and rehabilitating process. It is becoming increasingly recognized for its benefits within the healthcare industry. Utilizing a variety of approaches we can facilitate recovery from injury or provide maintenance, including pre and post exercise. This can be used to promote flexibility, reduce risk of injury, or provide relief from chronic muscle tension and stress.

Massage works primarily on the soft tissues of the body, being muscle and fascia. Through manipulation of these tissues we encourage:

  • The removal of metabolic waste through lymphatic drainage (associated with exercise and injury)
  • Increased blood flow and thus nutrients to sites of injury
  • Improved postural awareness
  • Reduction in pain, muscle stiffness/ soreness and stress

Who can benefit from sports massage therapy?

Anyone with ‘pain, tension or discomfort.’

Whether you are a Strava segment hunter, outdoor enthusiast or overworked there is always a need to have a recovery plan in place to allow the body to regenerate and heal. Incorporating sports massage therapy into your recovery plan can reduce recovery time, help prevent injuries and improve mental well-being.

Unfortunately, pain, tension and discomfort does occur; RockSolid Massage Therapy can help identify muscular dysfunction and help return the body to its natural equilibrium. Typical examples:

  • Recovering from muscle strains
  • Suffering from poor joint mobility and muscular flexibility
  • Working through a physio treatment plan
  • Workplace habits such as sitting for prolonged periods or manual handling
  • Stress and anxiety from work or life stressors
  • Those in need of general relaxation

Your Massage Therapists

Johnny Hyde and Lee Groves are registered with the Federation of Holistic Therapists and are qualified sports massage therapists. The FHT regulates and provides continued professional development to ensure the therapists are always up to date with current techniques and scientific developments. They are experienced therapists with backgrounds in sports science and have worked within a range of settings from clinical to sporting events. Being outdoor instructors, they trained as massage therapists to promote the importance of soft tissue maintenance to prevent injury and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Health and wellbeing are highly personal concepts and the therapies provided reflect this, being personalized, and specifically tailored to individual needs.

Treatments Available

  • Initial consultation and treatment: 1 hour (£40)

  • Follow up treatment: 30 minutes (£25)

  • Follow up treatment: 60 minutes (£40)

  • Contact us to discuss specific requirements.

  • Appointments available:

    Weekdays 10:00 – 19:00

    Weekends 10:00 – 18:00

Phone: Johnny on 07982 729122, or Lee on 07969 907553

Covid-19 information will be sent through on arrangement of an appointment