New holds & timer installed on our Speed Climbing route.

We’ve been busy during the last few weeks and our speed route has had a complete overhaul with the addition of brand new green climbing holds that are much easier to distinguish from other routes and the installation of a self-timer that allows you to easily record your climbing times.

Our 15m speed route is now one of only a handful in the UK configured to IFSC standards and also includes a stop button at 10m for junior competitions. Additionally, we’ve upgraded the auto belay to a Perfect Descent unit – this has the fastest retraction speed of any auto belay on the market and is the official unit used for IFSC World Speed competitions.

With the World Speed Climbing record currently stands at 5.60 seconds, how fast can YOU go?

How fast?!

The Olympics.

And don’t forget to get some practise in ready for our next big competition, THE OLYMPICS, on Saturday 4th March. This multi-disciplined event requires you to compete in the 3 disciplines of Speed, Lead and Boulder, mirroring the format to be introduced during the next Olympic Games.