28 January. Smart Climbing: Making the Most of Your Winter Indoors.

If you’re stuck for ideas this winter when you’re climbing indoors, or have a project or target in mind for next season, then this is the course for you!

Rebecca Williams (Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Climbing Instructor) and John Kettle (MIC & Performance Coach) are offering a unique workshop at Beacon Climbing Centre to help you narrow down your dreams into a realistic goal, and will then show you techniques to help you achieve it.

You’ll learn some useful psychological strategies that can be practised in the climbing wall or anywhere over the next few months to improve your chances of success, and you will also gain some evidence based physical training tips to make that dream a reality.

Rebecca has worked as a clinical psychologist and been a climber for 16 years, and has been helping climbers improve their performance through mental training for the last 10 years.  John has been a climbing instructor and coach for too many years to count, and has recently proved that training smarter for less time works by achieving a personal performance best.  Pick their brains and become more focused this winter, placing you in the perfect position to climb your socks off when spring arrives.


10:00am – Course Introduction (joint goal setting & assessment session).
10:45am – Mental Training Session with Rebecca OR Introduction to Physical Training with John.
1.15pm – Lunch.
2:00pm – Introduction to Physical Training with John OR Mental Training Session with Rebecca.
4.30pm – Planning, Programs & Q & A.
5:15pm – Close.

Introduction to Physical Training with John.

  • Understand the difference between metabolic-specific and skill-specific practice.

  • How to train on skill-specific terrain that matches goals.

  • How to train to ensure pump isn’t coupled to rising tension or deteriorating movement.

Introduction to Mental Training with Rebecca.

  • Three ways to use visualisation and imagery.

  • Training focus and concentration.

  • Self talk and developing confidence.

  • Tactics for success.


Date: Sunday 28 January 2018
Time: 10am – 5pm.
Venue: Beacon Climbing Centre.
Price: £90 per person (climbing wall entry included).

Please contact info@smartclimbing.co.uk to book.