Summer is here and there are plenty of reasons to get outdoors in the fresh air.  There’s so much to do! But Beacon is here, ready and waiting, whether you need respite from the relentless sunshine, a place to bring family and friends, or just to do a bit of recreational climbing or training for yourself.

Instructed sessions

Beacon offers a variety of sessions all year round, including:

CrazyClimb (brilliant for families and kids)

Open Climbing or Family Experience, ideal for first timers

Bouldering Club and Kids Bouldering Tasters

Summer NICAS classes for kids.

For adults only, we offer:

Bouldering Introduction – ease you into self sufficiency into rope-free climbing

Learn to Climb Course for both bouldering and top-roping

Parental belaying course for those of you with kids who want to climb regularly on the ropes

Learn to Lead

Coaching sessions.

Olympic Taster Sessions

Well, not the REAL Olympics ;-)  But how much do you know about climbing as an Olympic sport?  We’re offering ‘have a go’ sessions which last an hour and a half, enough time to whizz through all three disciplines: bouldering, speed climbing and ‘lead’ climbing.  We’ll tailor the session to you and the others in your group so you’re properly challenged, and you’ll all be winners!  It isn’t suitable for the little ones (under 10 years old) but CrazyClimb is brilliant for them, speed climbing included!

Even if you’re already an experienced climber, you’ll more than likely have family and friends who would have a huge amount of fun on some of these sessions, so please share this news with them :-)