Feeling a bit sluggish with the winter blues and longing to be moving well in the spring?

This second session – following on from Emma and Ella’s MENTAL SKILLS FOR CLIMBING WORKSHOP – will focus on two key factors of climbing:

  • Footwork drills to help you focus on technique.

  • Movement skills to encourage improved flow whilst climbing.

The starting point of good movement is precise footwork! Beginning with this concept, you will then move onto techniques for transferring your weight, before exploring movement for steep terrain. Expect coaching in different types of flagging, using momentum to your advantage, frogging etc. Those hips don’t lie!

Working in a small group size, both Emma and Ella will provide you with a positive safe space in which to progress your climbing skills and aims. This will be a predominantly practical session on the wall, coupled with specific Yoga and meditation practices provided by climbing instructor and Yoga teacher, Ella Williams of Nalini Yoga, to complement our themes of movement and flow.

Intertwining your climbing with Yoga not only benefits you physically, but can provide you with the mental focus to connect body and mind, allowing you to rise to the challenges that climbing brings!

Who are we?

Emma Twyford is one of the UK’s current top female all round climbers having trad climbed e9, very recently become the first British woman to sport climb 9a (The Big Bang) and has bouldered v10. She has been climbing for 25 years and works as a route setter and climbing coach. Her base is here in North Wales and this past year has seen her send a series of particularly challenging climbing projects, which has continued to keep her high on the climbing community’s radar. She loves to try and teach people new tricks to add to their climbing and pass on as much knowledge as possible.

Ella Williams has lived and worked in North Wales for the past 6 years as an Outdoor Instructor, teaching and coaching a range of activities from climbing to coasteering, paddlesports to bushcraft. Two years ago she escaped to the sunshine of Central America to fulfil her goal of becoming a Yoga teacher before returning and setting up her own Yoga business, Nalini Yoga. She has been running regular weekly classes locally since then; in addition to workshops, retreats and experiences that combine her love of the outdoors with Yoga.

Course information.

£65 (+ £10 climbing wall fee), so £75 all together – this will cover the specialised climbing coaching and 2 Yoga sessions. You can then use the wall afterwards for as long as you like (until it closes of course…)! Bring your own lunch and snacks – or utilise the excellent Beacon cafe within!

  • Sunday 9th February 2020 at Beacon Climbing Centre.

  • 10.15am – Course begins.

  • 1.00pm – Lunchtime.

  • 5.00pm – Finish up and continue climbing!

This is a coaching course and participants are expected to already be able to lead climb from F5+ and above to maximise benefits from the session.

How to book.

Click on the form below to initially reserve a spot. You can also contact Ella directly through www.facebook.com/naliniyogaclass, or via [email protected] to receive details on payment options and to fill in any paperwork prior to the workshop.