Due for installation at Beacon Climbing Centre in November 2019, the Kilter Board is a modern take on the traditional “woody”. As climbing moves out of the margins and into the mainstream, so too should training technology. The Kilter Board features unique and custom holds designed by legendary shaper Ian Powell that light up around the edge using an App and LED light system developed by Kilter and Aurora climbing.

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Tired of setting for yourself? Want new challenges outside of your normal style? The Kilter App is there for you, giving you access to a global network of professional athletes, setters, climbing centres, and other Kilter Board users. Using the Kilter Board App (available for iPhone or Android) the user is able to set new routes or browse through thousands of existing boulder problems with ease. The App also allows users to track their ascents to monitor progress and bookmark future projects.

Unlike other training boards that feature a single LED bellow the grip, the Kilter Board’s holds themselves light up. Start holds in green, feet only holds in yellow, hand and foot hold in blue, and finish holds are purple. The result is an aesthetic and intuitive feel that appeals to all users, from beginners to professionals.

We can’t wait.

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