Gift Vouchers.

Our gift vouchers are an original and exciting gift for any occasion and can be purchased for any of the wide range of indoor climbing sessions and courses running throughout the year at Beacon.

Beacon gift vouchers can be purchased and redeemed online so are also great as last minute gifts when all the regular shops are closed! All electronic gift vouchers are valid for 1 year from date of purchase. Follow the instructions here to make a purchase.

  1. Click on the BUY GIFT VOUCHER button.
  2. Select the voucher amount to purchase.
  3. Follow the instructions to checkout and enter your payment details.
  4. You will receive a voucher by email that you can print out and include in a gift card, or you can send the email to the gift recipient.
  5. The person receiving the gift visits the web address printed on the voucher, and redeems the voucher for any course/session by entering the voucher code.
  6. If the price of the booking is less than the value of the gift voucher, they can use the credit left for other bookings in the future. In this case they do not need to redeem the voucher again. They only need to sign in and our online booking system will automatically use any remaining gift voucher credit in their account.