First time climbing? Get started here

Tempted to give climbing a go? Sociable, dynamic and fun, climbing is an exciting alternative to boring gym routines for adults and a great way to prove to kids that exercise can be fun! Get the adrenaline buzz from reaching the top. Keep fit without feeling like you’re doing exercise. Socialise and build friendships. What’s stopping you?

  • Suitable for all ages from 5+.
  • No previous climbing experience is required.
  • 100s of colour coded climbs from really easy to really hard.
  • All starter sessions are fully supervised by our qualified instructors.

Inside Beacon, you’ll find hundreds of different colour coded climbs, from relatively easy challenges for those new to the sport, to professional level climbs designed to inspire and challenge future champions.  The aim is to ascend a climb using only the designated coloured holds. Choosing the correct sequence of movement and reaching the top provides an unbeatable feeling and a really fun workout. If you’re looking for a new exciting challenge, then climbing is for you!

Got a question? Find the answer here.

If you have never tried indoor climbing before, you will need to book onto an TASTER SESSION or an INTRO COURSE. All equipment is provided and our qualified instructors will guide you through the skills and techniques required to keep you safe during your first steps off the ground.
Yes. Book onto a TASTER SESSION or INTRO COURSE and we’ll get you started. Climbing at Beacon is very sociable and a great way to meet other climbers.
Anyone new to climbing will need to book in advance. You can choose a Taster Session or Intro option below then use our simple online booking system to choose a date and time that suits your requirements.
Our TASTER SESSIONS and CRAZYCLIMB are suitable for all ages from 5+. We also have a dedicated climbing area suitable under 6s and run weekly climbing clubs for children who want to climb regularly. Visit the KIDS’ CLUBS section of our website for further information.
Fear of heights is very natural and it is what makes climbing so safe. Climbing is all about controlling this fear and our instructors will be sensitive to this. With the help of our instructor, take things step by step and you will be surprised at what you can achieve.
Climbing is much easier if you are wearing loose fitting comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement. Jeans, combat trousers or tracksuit bottoms combined with a short sleeved t-shirt or vest are ideal. It is also a good idea to bring a jumper for wearing when resting. Avoid wearing jewellery around your arms or hands.
No. Spectators can watch for free but must not enter the designated climbing areas. The climbing centre features numerous viewing balconies so that you can easily watch friends and family climb.
CAFFI BARCUD is located upstairs within the Beacon and is open to anyone irrespective of whether they wish to use the climbing facilities. The cafe offers a superb range of hot and cold drinks, snacks and meals served throughout the day, with seating overlooking the climbing areas.

Sounds good… how do I book?

If you have never tried indoor climbing before, these Taster Sessions are a great way to begin and are suitable for nearly everybody from age 5+. These sessions are fully supervised and focus on introducing new climbers to the sport in a friendly environment, at a level appropriate to their age and ability.

Individual Taster

£17/ person
  • 1 hour session
  • Minimum age 5

Group Taster

from £1250/ person
  • 1 hour 30 min session
  • Minimum age 5
  • 1-3 people £80 / group
    4-7 people £90 / group
    8+ people £12.50 / person

Half Day Taster

from £24/ person
  • 3 hour 30 min session
  • Minimum age 5
  • 1-3 people £150 / group
    4-7 people £175 / group
    8+ people £24 / person

Take it further…

Really want to get involved with indoor climbing? These courses provide the training you need to begin your career as a climber. Upon completion you will be able to visit Beacon Climbing Centre at any time and climb unsupervised. We also offer a range of climbing clubs for under 18s. Please visit our KIDS’ CLUBS section for full information.


The best way to get started with indoor climbing! Our Intro Course covers all the climbing basics, providing you with the skills, experience and confidence to use the roped climbing walls and the bouldering areas at Beacon safely and unsupervised.

The price also includes 1 MONTH OF FREE UNLIMITED CLIMBING upon successful completion of the course.

Intro Course

£75/ person
  • 8 hours of instruction
  • Minimum age 18
  • Use of the roped & bouldering areas


Bouldering is the simplest form of climbing and a great entry point if you are starting out alone. It is low-level climbing above deep foam matting so there is no need to learn the techniques associated with roped climbing.

Our Bouldering Intro covers the fundamentals of bouldering and clearly explains how to use the bouldering areas safely and responsibly.

Bouldering Intro

£18/ person
  • 1 hour induction
  • Minimum age 18
  • Use of the bouldering areas only


After successfully completing an Intro Course or Bouldering Intro, you will be able to climb at Beacon whenever you want to upon payment of our standard single entry fee.

Discounted Entry Charges
As a regular visitor to Beacon Climbing Centre it is well worth investing in one of our 10-entry passes as these will save you money every visit. You can also buy 3, 6 and 12 month unlimited climbing passes which offer very good value if you intend to use the climbing wall regularly.

Equipment hire & purchase
Just completed your Intro Course or Bouldering Intro? We offer a full range of climbing equipment for hire including: climbing shoes (sizes child 7 to adult 14), harnesses (adult waist or child full body), belay plates (with karabiner), chalk bags (with chalk ball) and helmets.
1 item per person £2.00
2 items per person £3.50
3+ items per person £4.50

When you are ready to invest in your own equipment, we recommend visiting V12 OUTDOOR in Llanberis.

And finally, while you are still new to climbing, a cautious approach is recommended. Please feel free to ask any questions you like – the Beacon staff will always be happy to help you out in any way they can.