Information for experienced climbers using Beacon Climbing Centre

Information for experienced climbers.

You must be an experienced climber age 18 or over to climb at Beacon unsupervised. Under 18s must be supervised by a competent registered adult.

Designed, built and used by people that are passionate about climbing, Beacon is the largest indoor climbing centre in North Wales and a firm contender for Snowdonia’s most consistent climbing venue!

We welcome climbers of all abilities, no matter whether you are just starting out or pushing the big numbers. You’ll find a full range of roped climbing and bouldering from relatively easy challenges for those new to the sport to fiendishly difficult climbs capable of testing the best climbers around.

Whether you are a regular visitor or just passing through, we hope that every visit to Beacon leaves you motivated and inspired for your future climbing endeavours, whatever they may be. Have fun and stay safe.

Yes. Experienced climbers age 18+ must register before using the bouldering or roped climbing walls. Registration is free and involves reading our conditions of use and completing a registration form declaring your basic competence and a willingness to accept responsibility for yourself and anyone you are supervising. Under 18s must be supervised by a competent registered adult. Read our REGISTRATION section for full details.

A full range of climbing equipment is available for hire including: climbing shoes (sizes child 7 to adult 14), harnesses (adult waist or child full body), belay plates (with karabiner), chalk bags (with chalk ball) and helmets.

1 item per person £2.50
2+ items per person £4.00

Please note that ropes are in position for top roping but not for leading. We do not hire lead climbing ropes. All lead routes are equipped with quickdraws.

You will need a minimum 40m rope to attempt our longest routes.

No. Spectators can watch for free but must not enter the designated climbing areas. The climbing centre features numerous viewing balconies so that you can easily watch friends and family climb.

Experienced climbers often like to introduce friends to climbing, which we accept, but we also recognise that there are inherent risks. We therefore have a clear policy to minimise these risks:

1. Registered adult climbers may sign in no more than two guests, who may be novices or U18s.
2. By signing in a guest, you are accepting responsibility for the full and constant supervision of your guest(s) while on the premises. We specifically warn that if you wish to teach a novice to belay you ensure that it is done in a way that is appropriate and puts no other wall users at risk. For anyone wanting to learn to belay we would recommend our LEARN TO CLIMB COURSE.

Bouldering only members are not permitted to sign in novices. Read our REGISTRATION section for full details.

Beacon is open 7 days a week all year except Christmas Day and Boxing Day.
Weekdays 10am – 10pm (Thursdays 8am – 10pm)
Weekends 10am – 8pm

Yes. Caffi Barcud is located upstairs within the Beacon and is open to anyone irrespective of whether they wish to use the climbing facilities. The cafe offers a superb range of hot and cold drinks, snacks and meals served throughout the day, with seating overlooking the climbing areas.

Roped climbing.

  • Competition standard lead climbing walls up to 17m high.

  • Gently overhanging & vertical walls for more technical roped climbing.
  • 15m Official Speed Climb with timer and Speed Drive auto belay.

  • 15m continuously overhanging wall with auto belay unit.
  • Top roping area with 2 auto belay units.
  • 56 route lines with grades from F3 to F8+.


  • Multi angled bouldering areas including a full overhanging arch
  • All styles covered from tenuous slabs to upside down journeys.

  • Over 100 problems with grades from F1 to F8A.


  • Kilter digital training board : 12 x 12 foot, 45 degrees.

  • Steep 68/72 degree training board with pre-set problems.

  • Campus board with medium and large Metolius Rungs.

  • 2x Beastmaker 1000 fingerboards : high or low option.

  • 2x Beastmaker 2000 fingerboards : high or low option.

  • 2x Lattice Testing and Training Rungs: high or low option.

  • Gymnastic rings.

Download training apps and manuals HERE.

Standard entry prices & membership deals.

The standard entry charges listed are for registered adult climbers or under 18s/novices being signed in by a registered adult climber. Not registered? Please read our REGISTRATION information. Registration is free and is mandatory if you wish to use Beacon Climbing Centre. If you have little or no climbing experience, you will need to undergo instruction prior to using Beacon – please refer to our GET STARTED section for starter session pricing.

If you want to climb regularly, our 10 entry pass deal allows a generous reduced rate entry on any day and at any time for a total of 10 visits with an advance payment. These passes have no time expiration so can be used at any time in the future. BUY ONLINE.

Adult £12.00 £90
Student/Concession* £9.00 £81
Under 18 £8.00 £72
Under 8 £5.00
Over 80 Free
Supervising Adult Free

*Over 66s, unemployed or full time students. All must have current proof of status.

Want unlimited climbing? Beacon membership allows unlimited use of the climbing centre for a 3, 6 or 12 month period and could literally save you hundreds of pounds!

Adult £160 £295 £490
Student/Concession* £145 £260 £435
Under 18 £100  £180 £290

*Over 66s, unemployed or full time students. All must have current proof of status.

Weekly social climbing sessions.

Open to all registered rope climbers no matter how experienced you are or what level you climb at, these sessions offer you the chance to meet up with other climbers just like you. If you’ve just completed your Intro Course or are looking for structured climbing sessions to increase your motivation and confidence, our Social Climbing Sessions are an ideal way to get more involved with climbing at Beacon. Advance booking is not required and there is no additional charge to attend – you just need to pay your standard entry fee.


Organised by Beacon instructor Clare Mayfield, these female only sessions are open to anyone from new climbers through to those with more experience. Once you’ve completed your LEARN TO CLIMB COURSE what better way for new climbers to learn skills than from other more experienced climbers in this relaxed, sociable group. There’s also an instructor on hand throughout the session if you’re looking for some handy tips.

Every Monday 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Minimum age 18

Free coaching

If you want to meet up with other people to climb with or learn more about climbing, turn up on a Friday evening and you can receive coaching tips and advice from our super-friendly instructor – just ask the staff at reception for an introduction. These informal and sociable sessions run every week and are also a useful way to find climbing partners and form a group of regular climbing friends.

Every Friday 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Minimum age 18