On allegedly the most depressing day of the year, cheer up by taking part in the Blue Monday Beacon Quiz on the 21st January, presented by our famous quiz master Gill Lovick (yes that one). It’s £1 per person to enter and the winning team takes all. We’re also offering Thai green vegetable curry (vegan and GF) or chicken curry from the cafe during the evening, with booze available too.

Enter on your own… if don’t want to share the prize fund. Or turn up with a group of friends if tactics are your game and you think that more brains will help you smash it.

We reckon it’ll be a laugh and the questions are mostly general knowledge based (although there are a few climbing ones thrown in) so you don’t need an encyclopaedic grasp of climbing esoterica to take part. Phew.

Date: Monday 21st January
Venue: Beacon Climbing Centre Café
Quiz: starts 8.00pm. £1.00 / person