Look out for an amazing weekend of action during the 21-22nd September as Beacon Climbing Centre hosts the 2019 British Lead and Speed Climbing Championships.

Senior, junior and veteran categories will be competing alongside one another as the strongest climbers from all over the country battle it out during two days of competition in order to claim the title of British Lead Climbing Champion and British Speed Climbing Champion.

Please note that during the event, all climbing areas within Beacon Climbing Centre will be closed for non-competitors. However, CrazyClimb will operate as usual. Spectators are free to relax and watch in the areas overlooking the climbing.

How to enter.

Online entry is mandatory and the deadline for entries is 5:00pm on Monday 16th September. Please note that entries submitted after this date, and entries on the day, will not be accepted.

Entry Fee:
Senior/veteran competitors: £30.00
Junior competitors: £25.00

  • Entry fee for Senior/veteran competitors: £30.00
  • Entry fee for Junior competitors: £25.00

  • All competitors must be a BMC, MS or MI member. JOIN THE BMC – JOIN MS – JOIN MI.
  • Parental consent must be given for any competitor aged under 18 years on the day of the event – the parental consent form can be downloaded during the online entry process.

  • All applicants will receive an email confirming receipt of their application. They will then receive a further email containing full event information two days before the event.


Lead Competition.

Each age category will climb two qualifying routes with the top climbers in each category then going through to attempt a final route to determine podium positions.

There are two qualification routes for each age category; there will be no isolation for these routes. The starting order for the first qualifying route is random. Then the starting order for the second qualifier is the same as the first but staggered halfway. E.g. If there are 20 competitors in the category, number 11 will climb first on the second qualifier. For the finals, all finalists will be held in an isolation zone. There will be a six minute observation of the final route, and then the finals are climbed on-sight. For full BLCC rules and regulations please click HERE.

Lead Age Categories:
Youth C – year of birth 2006 or 2007
Youth B – year of birth 2004 or 2005
Youth A – year of birth 2002 or 2003
Senior – year of birth 1975 to 2001 (inclusive)
Veterans – year of birth 1974 or earlier

Lead Prizes:
Senior female & male: 1st = £500 / 2nd = £250 / 3rd = £125
Youth C, B, A Juniors and Vets will receive trophies

Speed Competition.

Competitors will have 2 attempts at the speed route in qualification and one attempt in the final rounds; there will be no isolation for the competition. The fastest time from either of the two qualification attempts will count towards final qualification. When a competitor has finished his/her first attempt, he/she is added at the end of the starting list for the second attempt. The starting order for the first qualifying route is random.

The final round shall take place as a series of knock-out heats, decided by the climbing time on the route in qualification. The final round may thus consist of the following stages: an eighth final, a quarter final and always a semifinal and a final – the number of stages is determined by the number of competitors qualifying.

For full BSCC rules and regulations please click HERE.

Age Categories:
Junior – year of birth 2002 to 2007
Senior – year of birth 2001 or earlier

Speed Prizes:
Junior & Senior Speed Climbers will receive trophies.

Provisional timetable.

Saturday 21 September
0900 – BLCC & BSCC registration
1000 – Registration closes
1030 – BLCC Qualifiers start
14.30 – BLCC Qualifiers finish for all categories
14.00 – 17.30 – Speed Warm up and Qualification

Sunday 22 September
0900 – BLCC Finals Isolation registration
1000 – Registration closes
10.30 – BLCC Finals Observation
10.45 – BLCC Finals
15.00 – BSCC – finals
17.30 – Medals Ceremony for BLCC & BSCC

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