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Taster Sessions


Never climbed before or only done a little? Beacon Climbing Centre Taster Sessions are a great introduction to indoor climbing and are suitable for nearly everybody.


Beacon Climbing Centre offers climbing at all levels of difficulty including climbing suitable for small children, so almost anyone can book a Taster Session. During a Taster Session, one of our qualified instructors will guide you safely through your first exciting steps off the ground. Indoor climbing provides a really fun, workout in an engaging, sociable environment, and we are sure that a Beacon Taster Session will leave you hooked!


Taster Sessions are also a great idea for adults considering booking onto our Beginner Climbing Course but wanting to know a little bit more about indoor climbing first.



You are welcome to come to as many Taster Sessions as you like but once you have had a few goes we are confident that you will want to take your experience further. Adults can do this through our Beginner Climbing Course, and younger climbers can become involved through one of our Kids Clubs.


For more details or to book a Taster Session at Beacon Climbing Centre please contact us by phone on 01286 677 322 or email Gift vouchers are also available for Taster Session (the session will still require prior booking).



Indoor Taster Session Prices


Our Taster Sessions are 1 hour or 1.5 hours, however, should you wish to come for longer please contact us for further pricing information.


Individual Taster Session 1 hour
£15 per person
Group Taster Session 1-3 people 1.5 hours £70 all inclusive

Group Taster Session 4-7 people 1.5 hours £80 all inclusive

Group Taster Session 8+ people 1.5 hours £12 per person


For your safety and in conjunction with national guidelines, Beacon Climbing Centre instructs groups at a maximum ratio of 1:8.


The price of a Taster Session includes entry to the wall and all instruction and equipment required. Just turn up wearing comfortable clothing.



Want more?


We also offer half and full day Taster Sessions to allow you to really experience what indoor climbing has to offer.


Half-day climbing Taster Sessions run from 9:30am - 1:00pm or 1:30pm - 5:00pm.

Full-days climbing Taster Session run from 9:30am - 5:00pm including a lunch break.


Half Day Taster Session 1-3 people 3.5 hours £130 all inclusive

Half Day Taster Session 4-7 people 3.5 hours £155 all inclusive

Half Day Taster Session 8+ people 3.5 hours £20 per person

Full Day Taster Session 1-3 people 7.5 hours £195 all inclusive

Full Day Taster Session 4-7 people 7.5 hours £235 all inclusive

Full Day Taster Session 8+ people 7.5 hours £30 per person


Between April and October we also offer full or half day Outdoor Taster Sessions, giving groups of all types the opportunity to experience the fantastic outdoor climbing that Snowdonia has to offer.



More about Taster Sessions


Depending on ability, a typical Taster Session could involve...


  • Warming up on the easy traverse walls.
  • Putting on a climbing harness.
  • Introduction to belaying if appropriate (holding the ropes for each other).
  • Plenty of climbing on our roped walls.
  • 'Bouldering' on the smaller matted walls.


Frequently Asked Questions...


Q. What is the youngest age I can bring my kids on a Taster Session?
A. We have no minimum age limit, though realistically children of less than 4 years old may not necessarily get that much from a Taster Session. However you are very welcome to bring them along if they want to have a go.


Q. Can you take disabled students?
A. At Beacon Climbing Centre we believe that everybody should have a chance to climb. If you have a person or group with disabilities then please contact us to see if it would be practical to bring them.


Q. Sorry I haven't booked, but could we do a session in half an hour?
A. We will always try to accommodate people at short notice if we can, however to avoid disappointment, please make sure you ring in advance so we can make sure we have an instructor available for you.


Q. I'd love to have a go but I'm scared of heights!
A. Fear of heights is very natural and it is what makes climbing so safe. Climbing is all about controlling this fear and our instructors will be sensitive to this. With the help of our instructor, take things step by step and you will be surprised at what you can achieve.


Q. What if we have to cancel?
A. When you book a Taster Session at Beacon Climbing Centre we have to arrange for a qualified freelance instructor to come in and work. It causes a lot of inconvenience if groups don't turn up or arrive with a different number of students. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.


Q. I have completed a Taster Session, can I now climb at Beacon Climbing Centre without an instructor?
A. No! Generally speaking it takes at least 4 sessions before beginners become competent to look after themselves on the climbing wall. When we think you are ready you can take a short assessment, and if you are successful, you will be allowed to register as a Beacon Climbing Centre member and to use the wall independently. We strongly recommend our Beginner Climbing Course rather than a Taster Session for anybody serious about getting started with indoor climbing.


Q. If I complete the Beginner Climbing Course, will I be able to go climbing outside?
A. Not recommended! Our courses equip you with the knowledge to use the climbing wall safely. If you wish to learn to climb outside, the wall is a good starting point, but further, qualified instruction is required to master all the extra problems encountered in the great outdoors, such as access, guidebook usage, appropriate use of a rack of gear, gear placements, bird bans, ethics etc.

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