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Indoor climbing with a difference... CrazyClimb at Beacon Climbing Centre offers a memorable and fun experience for both adults and children, from fun children's birthday parties, challenging stag and hen parties full of camaraderie, to corporate team building experiences!


It's fun, it's weird, it's wacky, it's totally CRAZY! Tackle a wall covered with large purple blobs, race the clock on the speed climb, climb a wall covered in rotating steering wheels... we've got 12 different challenges to attempt and each one offers a completely different and completely crazy experience!



You don't need any previous climbing experience and if you're aged 5+ and love to have fun, then CrazyClimb is suitable for you! And that includes adults too! All sessions are fully supervised by a Beacon instructor and each challenge uses an automated top rope safety system that gently lowers the climber to the ground from any point on the climb. Come and have a go!



CrazyClimb at Beacon Climbing Centre

CrazyClimb at Beacon Climbing Centre



CrazyClimb at Beacon Climbing Centre

CrazyClimb at Beacon Climbing Centre





1 hour Supervised CrazyClimb Sessions (advance booking is required)

During School Holidays:
Peak: Everyday 10:30am, 12:00, 1:30pm, 3:00pm & 4:30pm
Off-Peak: Every Sunday 4:30pm
During Term Time:
Peak: Every Saturday 10:30am, 12:00, 1:30pm, 3:00pm & 4:30pm
Every Sunday 10:30am, 12:00, 1:30pm & 3:00pm
Off-Peak: Every Wednesday 4:00pm
Every Sunday 4:30pm


These sessions are fully supervised and include a safety briefing prior to the start of the climbing session.


Open sessions (for fully registered members of Beacon Climbing Centre ONLY. Booking is not required)

CrazyClimb is open to all members subject to times of instructed sessions both during the week and at weekends. These sessions are NOT supervised by a Beacon instructor. All under 18s must be signed in and supervised by a fully registered member.


Exclusive use (Groups and Birthday Parties for up to 12 people)

CrazyClimb can also be booked for Groups and Birthday Parties to suit your requirements. Please visit the Birthday Parties section of the website for comprehensive information.



CrazyClimb Prices


1 hour Supervised CrazyClimb Sessions (advance booking is required)

Normal entry (min age 5) Peak: £15 per person for 1 hour
Off-Peak: £10 per person for 1 hour
Exclusive use for up to 12 people £145 for 1 hour
Group with external instructor* £6.50 per person for 1 hour

*Includes use of the rest of the climbing centre



Open sessions (for fully registered members of Beacon Climbing Centre ONLY. Booking is not required.)

Normal climbing wall entry fees apply, 10 entry passes can also be used.



CrazyClimb Challenges


CrazyClimb at Beacon Climbing Centre comprises of 12 different wacky climbing challenges! See if you can complete them all!


Cannon Balls
Difficulty rating
This slender pillar with hanging wooden balls requires a determined approach giving a really novel climbing experience requiring co-ordination and balance.
Eye Spy
Difficulty rating
Our double sided see-through wall allows two people to climb identical routes. Some people will use Eye Spy as a race whilst others will use it more delicately to mirror each other's moves.
Speed Climb
Difficulty rating
A straightforward climb with lots of big holds but how quickly can you climb it? A large digital timer creates a sense of urgency and allows climbers to compare times.
Cannon Balls Eye Spy Speed Climb Challenge
Difficulty rating
3-dimensional fun suitable for everyone, even the youngest children. Climb up using the alien faces for hand holds and foot holds - it doesn't get any dafter than this!
Crazy House
Difficulty rating
Shinning up the drainpipe gives a great exercise in lay back style climbing. If you can get to the top, light up the window by pushing the button!
Reflective Chimney
Difficulty rating
Grunting up chimneys can be an inelegant affair at the best of times. This zig zag chimney is backed by a huge mirror so participants get to see themselves struggling!
Aliens Crazy House Reflective Chimney
Fruit & Veg
Difficulty rating
An abundance of fruit and vegetable shaped climbing holds lead the way to the top of this wacky challenge!
Blobs of Doom
Difficulty rating

Giant bulbous purple blobs make for a challenging climb which requires a combination of pulling and pushing giving a total body work with lots of heavy breathing!

The CrazyClimb
Difficulty rating
A pleasant and straight forward challenge tackling the CrazyClimb logo. Cunningly use the CrazyClimb lettering for hand holds and foot holds.
Fruit & Veg Blobs of Doom The CrazyClimb
Giant's Causeway
Difficulty rating
Step up the columns based on the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Antrim coast of Northern Ireland then take a giant leap to finish!
Steering Wheels
Difficulty rating
The attractive discs give very positive holds but with the added challenge that the discs spin! A challenge requiring a thoughtful, delicate approach.
Zig Zags
Difficulty rating
Small zig zag edges should give climbers just enough grip to clamber up the zigzag shaped bulging wall! Additional holds allow smaller climbers to reach between the zig zags.
Giant's Causeway Steering Wheels Zig Zags
Weekdays 10am - 10pm
Weekends 10am - 8pm
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