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About Beacon Climbing




Opened in July 2012, the new Beacon Climbing Centre located on the Cibyn Estate in Caernarfon is a premium all weather venue, open 7 days a week with exciting activities suitable for the whole family! Beacon Climbing Centre offers the best indoor climbing facilities in North Wales including roped climbing walls up to 17m high, multiple low level bouldering areas including a dedicated kids' area and something that's entirely off-the-wall: the world's first CrazyClimb installation.



Everyone is welcome irrespective of whether they wish to use the climbing facilities, so if you're visiting with friends or family but not climbing, or just fancy coming to have a look around, check out Caffi Barcud located upstairs within Beacon Climbing Centre. Offering a superb selection of hot and cold drinks, snacks and meals served throughout the day, Caffi Barcud also features a large balcony seating area with spectacular views overlooking the climbing walls and is equipped with free WiFi.



What is indoor climbing?


Beacon Climbing Centre offers a fantastic variety of indoor climbing from 17m high climbs requiring the use of safety ropes and harnesses, to low level bouldering climbs attempted above deep foam matting. You'll find hundreds of different colour coded climbs to attempt from really easy challenges designed to offer manageable climbing for those new to the sport, to professional level climbs designed to inspire and challenge future champions.


The aim is to climb up using only the designated coloured holds - like join the dots but much more exciting! Choosing the correct sequence of coloured holds and reaching the top of a climb provides an unbeatable feeling and a really fun workout. It's the perfect antidote to boring gym regimes for adults and a great way to prove to kids that exercise is actually very exciting!


Explore and navigate around Beacon Climbing Centre with our virtual tour. Click the image below to get started (opens in a new window) and follow the instructions below to aid navigation.


Instructions: Navigate through the centre using the Map in the top left corner.
or Navigate by clicking on hotspots denoted by the symbols.
or Navigate using the mouse by pressing the left button and moving the mouse.
or use the control panel at the base of the window to control the tour.





Check out the World's first CrazyClimb installation at Beacon Climbing Centre! Offering fun and completely wacky climbing challenges, CrazyClimb is the latest indoor climbing activity for kids and adults! You'll find 11 different challenges to try including shimmying up a drain pipe, tackling a wall covered with large purple blobs instead of normal holds and much more!



Each challenge uses an automated belay system which gently lowers the climber to the ground from any point on the climb and removes the need for any complicated rope work. You don't need any previous climbing experience so anyone can have a go! Visit our CrazyClimb website page here for a complete overview of our CrazyClimb challenges including pricing information and online booking.



Getting started


Almost anyone over age 3+ can enjoy Beacon and you don't need any previous climbing experience or any specialist clothing or equipment to get started. Beacon can be experienced on your own or with friends and family. Come as a fun alternative to the gym, for a special day out with the kids, or for a birthday party.


Indoor Climbing Taster Session. If you've never climbed before, get started with a Beacon Taster Session and experience the exhilaration of indoor climbing! Our friendly climbing instructors will look after you for 1.5 hours and guide you safely through your first exciting steps off the ground.


Beginner Climbing Course (Age 18+). Learn everything you need to know about indoor climbing in order to use the top rope climbing walls and low level bouldering walls safely and unsupervised! These courses run every few weeks and are the ideal way to keep fit, tone up muscles and meet new friends!


Young Climbers. We run a full range of climbing sessions for Under 18s offering an exhilarating, challenging and fun introduction to indoor climbing. All sessions are fully supervised and focus on introducing youngsters to indoor climbing in a friendly environment, at a level appropriate to their age.




Experienced climbers


Experienced climbers age 18+ can use the bouldering and roped climbing walls once they have registered. Registration is free and involves reading our conditions of use and completing a registration form declaring your basic competence and a willingness to accept responsibility for yourself and anyone you are supervising. Under 18s must be supervised by a competent registered adult. You can find comprehensive information regarding our registration policies here.



Where is Beacon Climbing Centre?


Beacon Climbing Centre is located in Caernarfon, North Wales, just a few miles off the A55 coast road. Find us on the main A4086 road between Caernarfon and Llanberis. Full directions available on our website here.






  • The UK's first CrazyClimb installation
  • Spectacular climbing walls up to 17m high
  • Extensive low level bouldering
  • Kids' climbing area for ages 3+
  • Expert instruction from beginner to advanced
  • Drop in café offering full catering options
  • Numerous viewing balconies
  • Baby changing facilities
  • Extensive free car parking


Our website is packed with useful information including booking information, directions, opening times and much more. Have a browse around and if you have any enquiries or wish to book a session at Beacon Climbing Centre please email or phone us on 0845 450 8222.

Weekdays 10am - 10pm
Weekends 10am - 8pm
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