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Beacon End of Term Youth Climbing Competition 28.03.2015... : (17/03/2015)


Taking place on Saturday 28th March, the Beacon end of term Youth Climbing Competition is a great opportunity to test your climbing ability in a really fun environment.


The competition is open to all under 18s and although all entrants must have some climbing experience, it doesn't matter whether you have just started out or are a seasoned competition climber. Taking part is a great way to push yourself to climb at your best and share your experiences with other young climbers.


With an informal vibe and a low pressure, friendly atmosphere, even if you don't think you stand a chance at winning (you may surprise yourself!), you'll come away with more experience and most of all, have a great time!



Download the full sized A2 competition poster here.



Competition Summary...


Saturday 28th March.
Registration starts at 9:30am and closes at 10:00am.
Warm up from 10:00am - 10:30am.
Competition starts at 10:30am.
Scorecards in by 1pm.
Prize giving 1:30pm.


£5.50 entry fee. Please register and pay online using the button at the top of this page.


Each competitor will be given a score sheet with a list of 15 specially set climbs. Competitors can select 5 top rope climbs to attempt, with harder climbs being worth more points. Competitors have one attempt at each of their 5 climbs. There are full points for getting to the top, and bonus points if they don't get to the top, but make it to a designated bonus hold. With only one attempt at each climb, selecting the right climbs is a challenge in itself.





Five categories, with separate girls and boys competitions, following the IFSC (International Federation of Sport Climbing) system based on year of birth. All entrants must have some climbing experience.


Youth A - those born in 1998 & 1999
Youth B - those born in 2000 & 2001
Youth C - those born in 2002 & 2003
Youth D - those born in 2004 & 2005
Youth E - those born in 2006 & 2007



Please contact us on 01286 677 322 or if you require any further information.

Easter & Bank Holiday opening times... : (13/03/2015)

Easter opening times


Beacon is open every day as per usual during the Easter holidays, including during all bank holidays.


Weekdays 10am - 10pm

Weekends 10am - 8pm


Why not pop in for a climb and bring us some chocolate? Thanks in advance...


Mmmmmmm. Chocolate.

Climbing at Beacon during the Easter holidays... : (13/03/2015)


Looking for something fun to try during the Easter holidays? Beacon is an exciting all weather venue with fun activities suitable for the whole family. Have fun & get fit!


Open 7 days a week including all bank holidays, Beacon offers the best indoor climbing around. Conquer our high roped climbing walls for an unbeatable sense of achievement. Experience the thrills of climbing above foam matting without using a rope in our low level 'bouldering' areas. Take a FreeFall and fully experience the effects of gravity. Or try something that's entirely off-the-wall: CrazyClimb featuring a series of wacky climbing challenges! Want to see what Beacon Climbing Centre looks like inside? Take a virtual tour here.


Who is Beacon for?


Everyone can enjoy indoor climbing & CrazyClimb at Beacon. Beginners don't need any previous experience or any special clothing or equipment. All sessions are fully supervised & all equipment is provided by us. Visit on your own or with friends & family. Climbing is a really fun way to exercise, a great day out with the kids, or an awesome birthday treat!


Watch for free


Visiting with friends or family but not climbing, or just fancy having a look around? Spectators are free to relax in the seating area overlooking the climbing walls and can enjoy a selection of drinks, snacks and meals from our café. Free WiFi is even available!


Easter opening times


Beacon is open every day as per usual during the Easter holidays, including during all bank holidays. Our opening hours are weekdays 10am-10pm and weekends 10am-8pm. Advance booking is required for all sessions.


We offer a range of sessions to get you started. Choose from...





You may have tried climbing before... but not like this! It's fun, it's weird, it's wacky, it's totally CRAZY! Tackle a wall covered with large purple blobs, try shimmying up a drain pipe, climb aliens by grabbing their nostrils… we've got 12 different challenges to attempt and each one offers a completely different and completely crazy experience! Sessions run everyday at 10:30am, 12:00, 1:30pm, 3:00pm & 4:30pm. Find out more.



Normal entry (min age 5): Peak: £15 per person for 1 hour
Off-Peak: £10 per person for 1 hour
Exclusive use for up to 12 people: £145 for 1 hour





Fully experience the effects of gravity with our new 10m FreeFall activity! Using QuickJump technology, FreeFall gives you the sensation of a true free fall, combined with a smoothly controlled descent that will place you comfortably back on the ground! Sessions run everyday at 11:30am, 1:00pm, 2:30pm, 4:00pm & 5:30pm. Find out more.




1 FreeFall jump £4 per person
1 FreeFall jump + 1 hour CrazyClimb session £19 per person



Indoor Climbing Taster Session


Never climbed before except up stairs or trees? Beacon has climbing suitable for all ages with hundreds of different colour coded climbs from really easy to really hard. The aim is to climb up using only the designated coloured holds - like join the dots but way more fun! Choosing the correct sequence of coloured holds and reaching the top provides an unbeatable feeling! Get started with a Beacon Taster Session! Suitable for anyone from age 5+, these offer great value and run every day during the school holidays. Find out more.


Individual Taster Session 1 hour £15 per person
Group Taster Session 1-3 people 1.5 hours £70 all inclusive

Group Taster Session 4-7 people 1.5 hours £80 all inclusive

Group Taster Session 8+ people 1.5 hours £12 per person



Kids' Climbing Area (under 6s)


Suitable for all children under the age of 6, our low level Kids' Climbing Area offers a variety of exciting climbing challenges surrounded by impact absorbing rubber crumb playground matting and is a really fun way for younger climbers to get involved. No specialist equipment or training is necessary although parental (or an appropriate adult) supervision is required. Advance booking is not required and the area is open all day during opening hours. Find out more.


Price: £2.50 per child. No time limit



Easter opening times

Emma Twyford Movement Masterclass 19.04.2015... : (11/03/2015)

Give your climbing a kick start with help from top UK climber Emma Twyford, by signing up to a BMC Climbing Movement Masterclass running nationwide in April 2015, including at Beacon Climbing Centre on Sunday 19th April.


Emma Twyford has a degree in Sports Science and Coaching and is one of the most accomplished female climbers currently operating in the UK. She has climbed E9, onsighted 8a, redpointed 8b+, flashed font 7b+ and bouldered Font 7c. With 20 years climbing experience under her belt she certainly has some essential movement know-how that is well worth knowing!



Masterclass content

Emma will cover climbing movement skills: footwork precision, economy of movement and the utilisation of existing strengths.


Who are the classes for?

Two classes will be run at each venue:
1. The 10:30am class is for F5 to 6b+ climbers FULLY BOOKED
2. The 2pm class is for F6c to 7b climbers


Class duration

Each class will be 2.5 hours long with a total of six participants plus Emma.



The cost is £30 for BMC members and £40 for non-members.



Book through the BMC by completing the online booking form.


Venues & Dates

1. Caernarfon Sunday 19 April Beacon Climbing Centre
10.30am class FULLY BOOKED / 2.00pm class PLACES STILL AVAILABLE.

2. Exeter Wednesday 22 April Quay Climbing Centre
10.30am class FULLY BOOKED / 2.00pm class PLACES STILL AVAILABLE.

3. Cardiff Thursday 23 April Boulders
Places still available on both classes

4. Reading Saturday 25 April Reading Climbing Centre
Both classes FULLY BOOKED

5. Birmingham Sunday 26 April Redpoint Climbing Centre
Both classes FULLY BOOKED

6. Stockport Tuesday 28 April Awesome Walls
10.30am class FULLY BOOKED / 2.00pm class PLACES STILL AVAILABLE.

7. Kendal Wednesday 29 April Lakeland Climbing Centre
10.30am class FULLY BOOKED / 2.00pm class PLACES STILL AVAILABLE.


Further information

Please contact Becky McGovern at the BMC 0161 438 3302 or email


The masterclasses are sponsored by Llanberis based climbing equipment manufacturer DMM.


Winter Bouldering & Leading Aggregate update inc. scores... : (06/03/2015)


In life there are no true beginnings or endings. Events flow into one another and an end is also a new beginning.


March it the end of winter, the end of our Winter Leading & Bouldering aggregates but also the beginning of spring. Named after Mars, a paramount god of war to the Roman Empire - an empire structured upon many ardent ideas like: Conquest, Heroism and Battle. Fighting for country, kin and emperor equates to standing resolute to a way of life. And so, Mars is the icon of these fiercely proud, patriotic and heroic qualities.


Ideas and qualities that we can also apply to climbing. Rome wasn't built in a day and if you walk away from a climb without success, just remember that failure isn't bad. It can be frustrating but it is also a motivator and the catalyst to push yourself to explore your limits. Go forth and crush.


(And if you need any additional motivation to get involved during March, we've got a heap of awesome prizes for the top 3 contenders in each aggregate category...)



Winter Bouldering Aggregate


Winter Bouldering Aggregate February scores


The Bouldering Aggregate now has over 250 problems covering every angle from tenuous slabs requiring delicate and precise movement, to 30+ move forearm blasting upside down journeys across the bouldering routing roof.


Remember that the aggregate works numerically - the highest numbers represent the newest problems so try and tick the lowest numbers first before they are removed. You'll find a list of all the aggregate problems in reception, including the set date and a removal date to help you plan your siege!


Full Winter Bouldering Aggregate details including the prize list here.



Winter Leading Aggregate


Winter Leading Aggregate February scores


The Leading Aggregate now has over 80 routes ranging in difficulty from F4c all the way up to F8a+ with a great range of F5s, F6s and F7s in between. Keep checking the route list in reception for new additions throughout the month!


Scoring works differently to the Bouldering Aggregate, with routes scoring 2 points for a first try ascent (onsight/flash) and 1 point if multiple attempts are required (a redpoint ascent). As per the Bouldering Aggregate, each new route to be included in the Leading Aggregate is assigned a number - the lowest numbers will be taken down first and the highest numbers represent the newest routes so try and tick the lowest numbers first before they are removed.


Full Winter Bouldering Aggregate including the prize list here.

The Mountain Clothing Charity...Donations wanted! : (18/12/2014)

Warmstuff is a charity which aims to make a connection between people who are currently homeless and unused outdoor clothing.


Winter's now upon us and it's a sad fact that there are a number of hypothermia related fatalities amongst homeless people throughout North Wales during the winter months. The chances are if you're into the outdoors you will have some kit keeping a cupboard warm somewhere that you know longer use. Let's put it to good use!



You can now find a drop-off point for outdoor oriented people to leave their unwanted warm kit in reception at Beacon Climbing Centre - look out for the big orange tub! Stuff donated to this tub will be collected by the fantastic local charity St Mary's who work with local night shelters and day centres supporting homeless people across north wales.


Stuff we want:

- Tents
- Sleeping Bags
- Blankets
- Warm Jackets and jumpers
- Waterproof jackets and trousers
- Decent shoes
- Warm Hats
- Gloves
- Socks


Please visit The Mountain Clothing Charity for further information and use #warmstuff for social media posts.

New Beacon email delivery system. Subscribe here... : (08/01/2015)

Hello Beacon Climbers!


In an effort to ensure that you only receive information from Beacon that you actually want to read, we have just reconfigured our email databases to make them exclusive to each climbing centre - our previous system collected email data from all ClimbUK climbing centres. This means that Beacon customers will now only receive Beacon specific news.


At the same time, we've also created a new mobile friendly email template that will make reading our super interesting and highly entertaining news on your mobile device that much more pleasant. We'll be sending you information regarding our latest events, competition results, special offers including discounts exclusive to email recipients and other stuff that we think is relevant to you.


Please use the links here to inform our robots of your subscription preferences.


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