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Try something new! 2 day Vertical Dance Workshops... : (31/10/2014)

Interested in climbing and looking to try something new? Why not sign up to the Vertical Dance Workshop running at Beacon Climbing Centre on 17th-18th January with Kate Lawrence, one of the few Vertical Dance specialists in the UK.


Vertical Dance combines dance with the equipment and movement of climbing, resulting in dance performances that use the walls of buildings as the 'floor' with the dancer using the opportunity of being suspended from above to 'fly'.



During the workshop, participants will learn harness techniques particular to vertical dance and undertake technical exercises that focus on understanding the effect of the 'vertical floor' on the body so that they become more comfortable with a new spatial orientation. Having developed control of their orientation in still positions, participants are encouraged to work with the pendulum of the rope and to explore the possibilities of flight.


Kate is a Lecturer in Performance at Bangor University and also a regular user of Beacon Climbing Centre where she can often be found rehearsing in our rope access training area.



2 day Vertical Dance Workshop led by Kate Lawrence


Level: Beginner/Intermediate.
Venue: The RAT room, Beacon Climbing Centre.
Date: Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th January.
Time: 10.30am - 5.30pm both days.


Normal price: £100.
Concessions: £90 for Dance Collective Crescent associates or £80 for full Dance Collective CIC associates.

£10 off all prices for bookings paid in full by 5th December.


For further information or to book a place, please email

If you wish to join Dance Collective, please visit

NEW DMM sponsored Bouldering Aggregate problems... : (28/10/2014)

Look out for our new DMM sponsored problem, coming soon to the Winter Bouldering Aggregate.


Set on a monthly basis, each DMM problem is designed to test your overall climbing prowess rather than rewarding brute strength, with a successful ascent requiring a creative mixture of balance, flexibility, tenacity and ninja skills.



If you manage to successfully climb the problem within 5 days of its inception, please report to reception and your name will be entered into a raffle to be drawn at the end of the Bouldering Aggregate. You’ll get a new chance to enter the raffle with each new DMM problem, but you can only enter once per problem.


The raffle will be drawn at the end of the Winter Bouldering Aggregate, with the winner receiving an awesome prize donated by DMM. Sign up to our facebook or twitter feed to get an instant update when the latest DMM problem is available to climb, or check out the feed at the bottom of each page on our website.

Winter Bouldering & Leading Aggregate update inc. scores... : (03/11/2014)



Winter Bouldering Aggregate


The Bouldering Aggregate now has 92 problems spread throughout the centre including the circuit board, technical slab, routing roof, lower mezzanine and upper mezzanine.


You'll find problems covering all types of terrain from tenuous slabs to fierce overhangs and everything inbetween, requiring a broad range of climbing skills and prodigious amounts of determination. Look out for new problems appearing over the next few weeks and don't forget that the aggregate works numerically - the lowest numbers will be taken down first and the highest numbers represent the newest problems so try and tick the lowest numbers first before they are removed.


If you haven't already signed up, get started by purchasing your aggregate scorecard from reception now (suggested donation £2.00 with all proceeds donated to the North Wales Bolt Fund). You'll find that taking part is a superb way to improve your motivation and will undoubtedly improve your climbing by virtue of the range of different problem styles set within the aggregate.


Winter Bouldering Aggregate October scores


Full Winter Bouldering Aggregate deatils here.



Winter Leading Aggregate


Our new Winter Leading Aggregate kicked off on the 18th October and now has 18 routes from F5b to forearm-destroying F8a territory for you to attempt.


Scoring works differently to the Bouldering Aggregate, with routes scoring 2 points for a first try ascent (onsight/flash) and 1 point if multiple attempts are required (a redpoint ascent), giving a theoretical maximum score of 36 to date - a feat of exceptional difficulty that should it be accomplished would firmly place you amongst the UK's most talented climbers. Now there's a challenge... get started by purchasing your aggregate scorecard from reception now (suggested donation £2.00 with all proceeds donated to the North Wales Bolt Fund).


Winter Leading Aggregate October scores


Full Winter Bouldering Aggregate deatils here.

Want to climb more for less? 10 entry & membership deals... : (20/10/2014)

Want to climb more for less? Of course you do.


We offer unlimited use membership or multiple entry passes that allow you to use the centre at reduced rates whenever you want to climb.



10 Entry Passes.


If you want to climb regularly, our 10 entry pass deal allows reduced rate entry on any day and at any time for a total of 10 visits with an advance payment. These passes have no time expiration so can be used at any time in the future. We also offer a 5 entry pass for students only.


Single Entry 10 Entry Pass 5 Entry Pass






Under 18



Under 6 £2.50 - -
Supervising Adult



Group under instruction





*Over 65's, unemployed or full time students. All must have current proof of status.

** Students only. A valid student ID card is required.



Beacon Unlimited Membership.


Want unlimited climbing? Beacon membership allows unlimited use of the climbing centre for a 3, 6 or 12 month period and could literally save you hundreds of pounds!


3 months 6 months 12 months
Adult £110 £200 £360
Student/Concession* £95 £165 £290
Family Membership** £250 £450
Additional family member £60 £110


*Over 65's, unemployed or full time students. All must have current proof of status.

**1 adult + 2 children or 2 adults + 1 child



Buy your membership or 10 entry pass from reception next time you visit!

Itching to Climb: An autobiography by Barbara James... : (29/10/2014)

After her severe childhood eczema lessened, Barbara's life changed for ever when she was introduced to the Snowdonia hills, although Barbara's allergy to raindrops & her own sweat remained.


Barbara James was:

  • A rarity, a female Mountain instructor / M'tn rescuer / first aider, at Ogwen Cottage 1960s.
  • Probably first / only civilian female to train infantry junior soldiers, 1977-87.
  • A Solo explorer in Falklands, where told "Anyone can learn to fly" 1988.
  • In receipt of 50th birthday present from herself, Private Pilot's Licence, Caernarfon 1989.
  • A Solo pilot of a Cessna, 40 hours round Florida 1990.
  • A late student of both Spanish language and Guitar playing, going solo in both in Tenerife, living among Canarians.


Barbara's autobiography makes an inspiring read for all who

  • walk, but don't climb 500-metre vertical rock faces,
  • have travelled in a plane, but not actually flown one,
  • have not trained infantry junior leaders,
  • enjoy islands as diverse as St Kilda, Falklands, Tenerife.


Further information at

Copies available from Beacon for £9.99.



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